Why COWS ice cream is considered super premium?  

COWS ice cream is considered super premium because of its higher fat content (14%-18%) as compared to regular ice cream (10%-12%). Adding to the super premium status is the fact that we only use high quality ingredients and we mix our ice cream at a low speed to ensure texture and taste are not lost. This also keeps out excess air being whipped into our product ensuring a top quality finished product for you to enjoy.

Is COWS Ice cream pasteurized?

Yes, COWS Ice Cream is made with pasteurized milk to ensure the safety of the consumers.

Where can I find the nutrition and ingredients information of your products?

Nutrition and ingredients information for each COWS ice cream flavor is available on COWS website under Ice Cream section.

Do you offer any lactose-free or dairy-free products?

Currently, our only lactose-free or dairy-free product is our sorbet flavors. Sorbet provides an alternative to ice cream for those who are allergic to milk or who enjoy a fat free frozen treat. However, traces of residual products containing milk may be present.

Do you offer any egg -free ice cream option?

COWS does not offer any egg- free ice cream options.  All ice cream flavors contain WHOLE EGGS (both white and yolk). Sorbets do not contain eggs but traces of residual products containing eggs or milk could be present in sorbets due to cross contamination.

Does COWS make Gluten -free products?

Here are some Gluten-free options. We CANNOT guarantee that our ice cream or Sorbet did not come in contact with gluten.

Coffee                                                  Chocolate                            Chocolate Monster            Moo Crunch

Vanilla                                                  Gooey Mooey                   Orange Pineapple               Sea Salted Toffee

Pecans & Toffee                               PEI Blueberry                     Moo Henry                           Birthday Cake

Chunky Chocolate Mint                 Maple Walnut                    PEI Strawberry                    Strawberry Sorbet

Fluff ‘n’ Udder                                   Wowie Cowie                    Bubble Gum                         Mango Sorbet

Does COWS make any nut-free products?

COWS ice cream facility is not a nut-free facility therefore we cannot guarantee that any ice cream flavor or Sorbet is absolutely nut-free. Please be aware that our products may contain traces of peanuts and tree nuts, either from manufacturing facility or from our Ice cream dippers.  For example: Vanilla Ice Cream might have come in contact with nuts.  As some allergies could be life threatening therefore we would recommend people with allergies to avoid ice cream for their own safety.

Do you have any sugar-free products?

Currently, we do not offer any sugar-free Ice Cream or Sorbet because we have not found any recipe that is COWS quality yet.

What are the ingredients in a waffle cone?

Some customers with allergies may need to know what is in the batter. The ingredients are as follows: Wheat flour, sugar, canola oil, natural and artificial flavors, Egg replacer (wheat protein isolate, wheat starch, sodium alginate, sunflower lecithin canola oil) dextrose, soy lecithin, salt. Contains: Wheat, milk, soy

May contain:  Eggs, Mustard, Triticale, Rye, Barley or Oats.

Is Cows Ice Cream Kosher?

COWS Ice Cream is not Kosher certified.